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Introducing Domestic Beekeepers Marketplace (DBM) For Local Honey And Bee Products

HOLLYWOOD, FL, December 24th, 2018 - Bees are dying off, small beekeepers struggle to make ends meet and this company said, no more. The founders of Florida’s Finest Raw Honey, the premiere vendor working with sustainable Floridian family-owned and operated apiaries that brings its consumers “the best quality raw honey from the hive to the kitchen table” recently established Domestic Beekeepers, an online marketplace where consumers can source honey and other bee products from local beekeepers.

“Many small batch beekeepers sell their products to larger companies at wholesale prices” said Ms. Stefanie Gesuero of Florida’s Finest Raw Honey. “We would like to offer them a marketplace where they have the opportunity to sell their incredibly delicious, unprocessed raw honey to folks in their areas and nationwide at retail and wholesale prices. 

Ms. Gesuero expanded on the importance of supporting small beekeepers, owing to the pressing issues affecting both their businesses and the bees. More specifically, the phenomenon of “colony collapse” sees bees are dying off at alarming rates, while seven bee species are on the endangered species list. As for the sale of honey on a local level, Ms. Gesuero shared that many vendors operating stalls at farmer’s markets are, in fact, resellers - and not beekeepers - who source their honey from companies who purchase cheaper, lower quality honey from various different locations to create honey mixtures. As a result of these tactics, these companies monopolize many markets across the US, and make it difficult for new small batch beekeepers and honey companies to sell their unadulterated, raw honey to locals.

As per Ms. Gesuero, local bee keepers can provide fresh, pure honey with all the amazing health benefits only real honey can offer, contrary to grocery store-bough honey, which is often imported from China; heated, and jam-packed with high fructose corn syrup and other sweeteners which only help to make it sweeter in taste and compromise its nutritional properties.

“Domestic Beekeepers Marketplace is also creating an opportunity for patrons to get local honey to their county/zip code, and keeping small beekeepers in business. Just by entering their county in the Domestic Beekeepers search bar, customers will have instant access to local supply of healthy, unprocessed varietal raw honey, bee pollen, propolis and royal jelly – all product of the USA. We encourage everyone passionate about supporting the bees and the local economy to visit Domestic Beekeepers and find high quality, small-batch bee products made with care in our great land by people who pour their heart and soul into saving the bees and sustaining the livelihood of domestic beekeeping.”

Ms. Gesuero and her husband Andrei are active members of the Broward County Beekeepers Association and support the Planet Bee Foundation. The Planet Bee Foundation educates the young minds of children about the importance of bees and pollinators and teaches them how they can make small changes in their environments to help save our precious bees.

Andrei & Stefanie